One-Year MBA — Commodities, Exchanges and Derivatives (CED)

The CED program (One-year MBA) derives a unique advantage from its prime location in the city of Chicago, which is home to the world’s largest futures exchanges, the Chicago Mercantile Exchange Group; and the world’s largest options exchange, the Chicago Board Options Exchange. Chicago is the origination and global center of the commodities, exchanges and financial derivatives. In addition to these institutions, many large multinational securities and futures firms have offices in the city. This environment provides students with many opportunities to interact with leading experts in the industry and to become acquainted with the most advanced technology in the field.


The advanced courses provide rigorous theory training and industry exposure in the track of CED and equip students in depth and breadth within each sub area of commodities, exchanges and derivatives. Representative courses include:

  • Chicago Exchanges
  • Money and Banking
  • Statistics for Financial Markets
  • Commodities and Asset Pricing
  • Futures and Options
  • Futures and Options, advanced
  • Portfolio Analysis
  • FinTech and Blockchain
  • Big Data Analysis
  • Field Coursework
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