University of Illinois at Chicago (UIC)

Statue of Picasso

Nowadays, people in Chicago preserve European classical architecture. Additionally, the modern skyscrapers and a variety of fancy street sculptures make the entire city become an art museum. There is a famous unnamed artwork designed by Picasso in front of the Daly Square, 50th West Washington Street, Lupus District. The sculpture is 15 meters high and 162 tons, it was inaugurated on August 15th, 1967. Thousands of people were gathering here to see the unveiling of the first outdoor public artwork in downtown Chicago. Although Picasso did not explain what the sculpture was intended to show or symbolize, Picasso’s descendant accepted the interview of Chicago Sun-Times in 2004, and said that the idea of the sculpture was inspired by the French girl whose name is Lydia Corbett. The symmetrical and smooth curve of the sculpture is like a baboon cause of its eyes and nostril. Besides, Picasso did call it a “baboon’s head” at the time he made this. Others believe that the curves and angles are full of Picasso’s style, it is an abstract expression so, everyone should respect it. In short, this fantastic sculpture shows Picasso’s humor, you can imagine and name it by yourself.

The Field Museum

Museum campus is a vast campus that connects Grant Park and Lake Michigan. There is a huge collection of dinosaurs’ skeleton, the largest and complete Tyrannosaurus Rex’s skeleton in the world (Sue) is also one of the collections. Additionally, there are also many kinds of skeleton such as Stegosaurus, Triceratops and Pterodactyls. The most famous collection of the Field Museum is the skeleton of Sue, and there are thousands of bird’s specimens and mammals’. Through numerous multimedia interaction to interpret the evolution is also meaningful.

The Art Institute of Chicago

The Art Institute of Chicago is one of the three major art museum in The USA. There are two lion statues in front of the entrance. The exterior of it shows a strong Victorian style. The art museum was built in 1891. It divided into 10 exhibition halls with more than 300,000 exhibit. The Art Institute of Chicago has a plentiful collection of impressionist except Louvre in Paris.

Millennium Park

Millennium Park is characteristic of urban in Chicago. In Grant Park, Millennium Park was just a parking lot, but it became popular after the renovation. There are four classic areas in the park. The most distinctive one is Crown Fountain, people also call it “Face Fountain.” There are two walls covered with LCD screens. The face is taken from the local and it will change the expression and spit out the spout irregular.

Cloud Gate was the name before ”The Bean.” It is located at the northwest in AT&T square in Chicago. It is designed by Anish Kapoor from The UK, it is also his first public artwork in The USA. The Bean is made of stainless steel and the surface is treated by mirror polishing to reflect the unique skyline and the clouds in Chicago. Visitors can see the two-thirds of sky from any point of view, it represents people’s yearning for nature. Not only like this, he moved the clouds in the sky to the ground, making they seem easy to be touched. It is like an arch at the lower part of The Bean, visitors can walk through it and see themselves in the mirror.

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